Brokenhearted Bride Begs For Help To Find Lost Wedding Rings

A Southampton woman is pleading with the community to help her find her missing wedding and engagement rings.

Michelle McGay is heartbroken: She took her rings off while she was getting her nails done Thursday at Tickled Pink Hails in Hamptons Bays, tucking them into her sweatshirt pocket.

”I proceeded to run errands at Macy’s, Panera, and the Dollar Store before I realized that my rings were no longer in my pocket. I’m devastated and would really appreciate any help,” she said.

She estimates they went missing between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Thursday.

The rings hold deep personal meaning for McGay and her husband, Ovidio Mendez. The couple was married on November 21, 2015 in Southampton.

”Ovidio surprised me one day in December, 2014 with an engagement ring. He had never seen the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center so we decided to go into the city right after Christmas,” McGay said. ”A group of friends went with us as well and we made a trip out of it. Little did I know that he was planning to propose. We visited the tree and it was very crowded and I think he lost the nerve to do it in front of so many people.”

Next, her group of friends split up and decided to meet back at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, she said. ”I had just bought a new hat from a street vendor so when we met back up at the church and everyone was looking at me, I didn’t think anything of it. We proceeded inside and were overwhelmed at how beautiful it was. It wasn’t until we got to the front of the church that I realized our group of friends had made a semi-circle around us,” McGay said.

”My soon-to-be fiancé presented me with a chocolate covered strawberry, with a ring inside. I nearly cried, I was so excited. He asked me in Spanish if I wanted to be his girlfriend or his wife and, of course, I said ‘your wife,'” she said.

The memory is one of the happiest of McGay’s life.

”It was such an emotional day and I couldn’t believe all of our friends had managed to keep it a secret. As far as the strawberry goes, Ovidio said his friend went to find flowers but couldn’t find any in the nearby area,” she said.

The couple, who live in Southampton, have been happily married for more than a year.

The rings mean everything to McGay. ”I never considered myself a picky person until it came to finding a wedding band that matched my engagement ring. I went to every jeweler locally and up the island. I finally decided on a particular band that allowed my engagement ring to fit into it,” she said. ”It was absolutely beautiful and I am devastated to know that it came out of my pocket while running errands. I had taken it off briefly to get a manicure and forgot to put it back on. When I checked my pocket, it was no longer there.”

McGay said she tried to stay calm, searching her car and retracing her steps, going back to all the stores she’d frequented and making sure it hadn’t been found. She said she called Southampton Town Police and left her number, but no rings have been reported found yet.

”I have cried a good deal knowing that I may never see them again,” McGay said.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online | formal dresses australia

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