Sienna Miller: ‘I love my post-baby breasts’

Sienna Miller 

(Photo:formal dresses adelaide)Sienna Miller’s nipples have changed so much since she gave birth that they now look like ”fighter pilots’ thumbs”.

The Alfie star’s body changed substantially after she gave birth to Marlowe, her daughter with ex Tom Sturridge, in 2012.

”I do miss my breasts being where they were,” she tells Allure magazine. ”And, yes, I have nipples like fighter pilots’ thumbs.”

She’s not really complaining about her new look though.

”I also sort of like that they’re (her breasts) a little ’70s. And that they fed my kid.”

Sienna, who split from Far from the Madding Crowd star Tom in the summer of 2015 after a four-year romance, would love to have more children, but she still has to figure out who the dad might be, and though she wouldn’t change anything about being a mother, she does look at friends without children differently these days.

”You’re so enriched by it (motherhood) and so fulfilled, but at the same time, I look at these people who just don’t have any responsibility, and it feels like the responsibility is crippling,” she explains.

And she acknowledges motherhood has prompted her to take better care of herself.

”I didn’t smoke when I was pregnant or breastfeeding,” she reveals, adding it wasn’t nearly as hard to quit as she thought it would be. ”If it’s about protecting someone else, it’s easy. I don’t see it the same with myself.”

She is still fighting on another front though – being typecast by her good looks, personally and professionally.

”If you wear really nice clothes and you’ve got style and you’re young and you have a famous boyfriend, you must be really thick and not talented at all,” she lamented recently to Elle magazine.

”I’ve found it frustrating because I really felt like an actor, and I just felt like I was constantly battling that.”Read more at:celebrity dresses

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