My street style is boring

Sophie Turner 

( Turner has a great relationship with Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Sophie Turner describes her street style as “boring”.

The 21-year-old actress is known to dazzle on the red carpet in all sorts of outfits, from classic dresses to sexy, slinky gowns, all chosen with the help of her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman.

But Sophie admits she’s still working on her wardrobe for when it comes to being away from the spotlight, telling W magazine, “Well, I’m working on my street style. It’s difficult because part of me wants to look really nice when I go out, but my natural style is jeans and a plain T-shirt that preferably matches the jeans, and boots or trainers. I really think I have a very boring street style.”

Her appearance has caught the attention of important people in the fashion business though, notably Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. The designer recently tapped Sophie to star in the fashion house’s fall 17 campaign alongside fellow film stars Jaden Smith and Riley Keough, with Sophie describing the venture as a natural fit given Nicolas’ interests.

“We have a great relationship,” she smiled of her bond with the clothing expert. “He’s lovely. Vuitton had always been really wonderful to me and always volunteered to dress me. Nicolas told me he loves Game of Thrones and he loves redheads, so I guess I was a good combination for him.”

While Sophie may suit the flame-haired tresses she rocks as Sansa Stark in the drama series, she’s actually a natural blonde and had to undergo the transformation at the age of 13 to land the role.

Though she was “a little sceptical” about changing up her tresses at first, it was a discussion with the show’s producers about her alter ego’s ancestry that made her realise how integral her hair colour was.Read more at:semi formal dresses

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