Students impress at Makerere’s fashion parade

On Friday, Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts hosted the first showcase extravaganza dubbed Fashion Parade 2017, Beyond Fashion.

A concept by Nakisanze Sarah, a PhD student and Fashion lecturer, the parade was looking at the popular culture with a specific focus on function and beauty.

Here, Nakisanze was looking at different ways fashion has been used as a tool to pass on messages, especially taking into account different ways it has been a political fabric with legislators using certain dress codes to express their views, or other incidents where civil servants were asked to dress a particular way.

The showcase challenged and tasked students to take on the concept, then interpret it using their own experience and represent it in a fashion form. But that was not all; after years of fashion students staying hidden in the folds of exhibitions by the College of Engineering Design Art and Technology, this was one of the rare times they were having the floor.

The exhibition invited guest designers and also former students of the school but made the third year students the main focus of the showcases that transcended presenting fashion for smartness but tinkered with topics around technology with futurism imagery.

Officiated by acclaimed artist, Sanaa Gateja, the show started off with works by former students before mixing up activities to include dance and random modelling routines by members of the audience.

The audience, mostly students at the school, showed a lot of support to the first showcases, not only because the models were doing a good job, but because the clothes by acclaimed designers such as Judith Tusubira or Nagujja Margaret were amazing.

Tusubira was more inclined to bridal fashion, while Nagujja, with a touch of African fabric, brought life to casual clothes such as sun dresses, shorts and shirts for both men and women.

Olivia Nakabazzi, a finalist of one of the past annual fashion Seed Shows was terrific with her ready to wear outfits that received lots of applause.

However, regardless of how much the past students brought their game, it was the current students that carried the day with edgy and experimental works that came from wearables to show-stoppers.

Some of these challenged the status quo by presenting women as stronger characters than they are mostly credited, while others came from an identity place with people either appreciating cultures or nature.

According to Gerald Kato, one of the former students in the audience, it was amazing seeing students challenging their limits and hopes. He encouraged the university to have more of these shows to get the arts finalists ready for the market.Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses online | QueenieAu

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