The Globes’ powerful fashion statement

Hollywood’s women wore black to last night’s Golden Globes ceremony and created in effect a red carpet “blackout” in honor of the new “Time’s Up” initiative, which aims to end sexual harassment and gender inequality in entertainment and other industries,

While this is far from the first time red carpet fashion has been used for social and political messaging, the Time’s Up protest may be one of the most wide-reaching.

The message was reinforced further by looks that conveyed fashion with authority. With power-dressing continuing to trend on runways and the pantsuit more popular than ever, many stars evoked strength with their looks, whether it be a strong silhouette, a bold architectural shoulder or sleek suiting that commanded attention.

“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot’s ruched gown worn with a cropped tuxedo jacket could have easily been worn by the Amazon heroine in her summer blockbuster film.

“Lady Bird” star and best actress in a musical or comedy winner Saoirse Ronan chose a one-sleeved, slim-fitted gown with bold silver accents that made her look as thought she were ready to step into a superhero role of her own.

“The Crown” nominee Claire Foy (who portrays another woman with authority, Queen Elizabeth II) chose a flared pantsuit and embellished the sleeve of her jacket with a “50/50” button advocating for equal pay for women.

Tracee Ellis Ross accented her halter gown with a dramatic matching Stephen Jones turban that literally increased her stature at the award show.

Golden Globe winner for best supporting actress in “I, Tonya” Allison Janney chose a gown that formed a black and white butterfly across the bodice, an uplifting fashion message that made the actress look like she could take flight following her win.

With award show season now officially under way, perhaps more red carpet activism is waiting in our future at the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards, Grammy Awards and Oscars.Read more at:plus size formal dresses | short formal dresses

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