How does the evening dress and its accessories match well?

Many aristocratic times inherited the dress code, still playing the nervous feet in the old communication civilization. To deal with the popular westerner, a few days early to join a company dinner party may be the reunion of the family to stop the preparation of clothing. If necessary, you should consult the dress expert first, then go to the uniform store to fine-tune. In order to cope with the higher social position, we should face the ”public”. After that, I will give you a detailed understanding of the basic knowledge of civilization.

Evening dress

Evening dress is the formal dress that wears after 20:00 at night, it is the highest class, the most characteristic, full display individuality dress style in the lady’s dress. It’s also called evening dress, dinner dress, dance dress. It is often used to match the clothes of shawls, coats and cloaks, as well as colorful decorative gloves.

Traditional evening dress style: emphasize female’s slender waist, exaggerated buttock below the weight of skirt, shoulder, bosom, arm fully reveal, leave expression space for luxuriant jewelry. Such as: low neckline design, with strong decorative design to highlight the noble grace, give priority to with Mosaic, embroidery, get a department fine plait, luxuriant lace, bowknot, roses, give a person with classical, orthodox clothing impression.

Traditional evening dress fabric: the purpose of the evening communication is to cater for the luxurious and warm atmosphere at night, and the material selection is a few gorgeous and noble materials such as mercerized fabric and flash satin.

Act the role ofing is tasted

Choose pearls, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and other high quality accessories, or artificial gems.


If the toe is exposed, it needs to be modified in sync with the facial and hand makeup.


Exquisite refined, choose patent leather, soft leather, velvet, more gold and silver silk blended materials, with Mosaic, such as embroidery, weaving technology combination, magnificent, romantic, delicate, elegant is a characteristic of evening dress with package.

Make up more

Petite figure – suitable for high waist, gauze, waist discount dresses, to decorate the proportions. Should try to avoid the skirt of the lower body is too loose, shoulder-sleeve design also should avoid exaggerated; The upper body can change more, the waist line suggests to use V word micro low waist design, in order to increase the sense of length.

Build an older person — a natural wardrobe, and any type of dress can be tried, especially with a fish-tailed wedding dress.

Full bodied – fit for straight line cuts and slimmer. Lace flower should choose thinner plane lace, do not choose high collar style; The design of waist and skirt should avoid complicated.Read more at:QueenieAu | formal dresses sydney

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