Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week seeks ways to keep clothing from landfills

This year, Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week is putting the spotlight on the amount of clothing we send to the landfill.  

(Photo:beautiful formal dresses)Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week is putting the spotlight on the amount of clothing and textiles that are filling up city landfills.

Founder Myriam LaRoche says the average amount one North American sends to the landfill every year is 81 pounds (or 37 kilograms).

Part of the problem is so-called fast fashion where manufacturers sell trendy items inspired by runway collections to the mass market, usually made from cheap materials meant to be worn for only one season.

”When I started my career 20 years ago, we had four seasons — spring, summer, back to school, holiday. Now, every week you have a new collection that comes into the store. Social media has made us really greedy on having the latest trend and which celebrity is wearing what.”

LaRoche’s philosophy is to look for alternatives — either reusing or donating clothes before they go to the landfill or looking at technologies to recycle fabrics.

She describes a company in Seattle called EverNew that can take old 100 per cent cotton T-shirts, separate the fibres and create new cotton material.

She says Jean manufacturer Levis has even expressed interest in the technology.

”We need to find a way to take what’s there — the different fabrics like silk and wool and polyester — and find a way to grind it and mill it again into different thread.”

Industry must work together

Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week has strived to find solutions to develop a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry. It first launched in Vancouver in 2010 and has expanded to Seattle.

”At first, [sustainable fashion] was still considered a trend. Now, I think it’s inevitable. We have no choice. We cannot resist. Right now, the clothing industry is the second most damaging industry on the planet after oil,” LaRoche said.

She says it will take cooperation and collaboration with all fashion industry members to push the movement forward.

”It’s not just the game of the small designer or the retailer who has 12 stores or the big retailer that has 4,000 stores,” she said.

”We all have to work together and to jump in because we don’t know the exact solution yet.”

Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week runs from March 31 to April 2. You can also see the ”81 pound challenge” — where designers create a new collection from 81 pounds of discarded clothing — at the Museum of Vancouver until April 17.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide

North Carolina Doctors and Nurses Throw Surprise Wedding for Patient with Stage 4 Brain Cancer: ‘I Was So Happy’

After proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day earlier this year, Jarrod Bradley, 35, couldn’t wait to marry Becky Yonker.

The two met at a friend’s 30th birthday party in the summer of 2012 and always knew they’d end up making it down the aisle. But when Becky, 33, was diagnosed with a stage four brain tumor just a year after the couple met, wedding plans seemed like an impossible dream.

“It’s been a crazy past few years,” Bradley tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The Charlotte, North Carolina, couple never imagined the doctors and nurses treating Yonker would end up making the wedding happen.

“We’ve been trying to plan a wedding and everything kept coming up so we kept having to postpone it,” Bradley recalls.

Yonker, who works in marketing, went to the doctor for what she thought was a sinus infection back in July 2013. When doctors realized she actually had a brain tumor the size of a plum, they operated. They got it all and Becky was doing well until two years later in December 2015 when the tumor came back. She had surgery on Christmas Eve, but was home the next day to celebrate with Jarrod.

“It was tough. She had more chemo, more radiation. We always knew it would come back. We’ve known from the beginning this is gonna be what kills her,” Jarrod says.

But Jarrod wasn’t the only one to fall in love with Becky. Her doctors at Levine Cancer Institute did too and decided the couple deserved the wedding they’d been forced to postpone.

“One afternoon, I shared some bad news with Becky and she just looked in my eyes and told me she wanted to live,” says Becky’s neuro-oncologist, Dr. Ashley Sumrall. “Then she whispered that she wanted to have a wedding and I knew we had to make it happen – and fast! My team quickly got behind the cause.”

Becky’s doctors and nurses planned the Oct. 9 wedding at St. Mary’s Chapel in just a few days and got everything donated – from the venue to the food, music and photographer.

“Eight of us were there that day,” Dr. Sumrall recalls. “My nurse practitioner was the pianist, our chaplain performed the ceremony, my mother and I designed the flowers.”

“It was pretty unbelievable the fact that the doctors took it upon themselves to organize it. With all that we’ve been through to have someone else do it, it was a relief and we’re very grateful.”

Having just had a treatment a few days before the ceremony, and battling some stoke like symptoms, Becky had to use a wheelchair to get down the aisle, but Jarrod says he’ll remember that moment forever.

“Pretty much the happiest moment of my life. She looked beautiful.”

Becky’s brother – who is serving in Afghanistan — even managed to be a part of the wedding. Friends made a life-size cutout of him to have at the wedding and the photographer livestreamed the ceremony so he could watch from his base overseas.

Becky’s doctors, nurses, friends and family, all say they struggled to fight back tears.

Becky tells PEOPLE, “We never thought our wedding would be anything more than a dream with all our setbacks and medical issues. I was so happy. I couldn’t believe we actually got a real wedding!”

She struggles with her speech and has good days and bad, but the couple is looking forward to celebrating their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

Becky has already outlived what doctors initially thought possible in fighting her brain tumor. Three years ago, Dr.Sumrall told her the average survival is 14 to 22 months.

“I also explained there are miracles, too,” the doctor says. “Becky’s smile lights up a room and her tears will bring you to your knees. We have watched her experience the ups and downs. Death is inevitable, but how we live life is a choice.

“My team and I had the best time preparing for her wedding. She has truly embraced each day as a gift and having the opportunity to impact her life is such an honor.”Read more | bridesmaid dresses australia

Weddings will become more expensive post-Brexit warn West Fife florists

Weddings will become more expensive 

(Photo:bridesmaid dresses online)WEDDINGS will become more expensive say West Fife’s florists, who’ve report a significant fall in profits since Brexit.

The industry relies heavily on the EU with most imports coming from Amsterdam and this has caused flower prices to double overnight.

Lou Lou flowers in Dunfermline, who specialise in luxury wedding flowers, described the effects of the vote as immediate and and a bodyblow to their business.

Owner Laura Hutchinson told the Press: ”You work as a florist because you are passionate about it and a florist’s margins are already quite narrow, but as soon as Brexit happened I felt an immediate effect.

”As I deal within a niche part of the market, there will be specific flowers that I will need and they’re normally imported from Amsterdam.

”There is a very small market for British flowers because of weather and the most popular designs for brides have quite a commercial feel.

”I was paying 60p for a rose and now it’s more like £1.30 but even the most basic flowers are expensive.

”This was all very sudden with no warning so I have weddings booked in from two years ago with quotes I have to honour and I’m barely making any money.

”It’s a tough business to be in right now and the UK might be a less flowery place soon.”

Prices in the florist industry have always fluctuated because weather issues all over the world affect the product but when flowers are massed produced in Holland, Brexit has made prices soar.

Some florists reported a profit of £100 instead of £400 after June.

Vivienne McBride, previous owner of Lilywhite flowers in Dalgety Bay, said: ”I recently closed my florist but the last few weddings I did, I was lucky to make £50-£100 from them.

”I’ve now opened a new business but Brexit was been a deciding factor to quit.

”It was just far too much of a risk every month and costs have pretty much doubled.

”It seems the Dutch are quite willing to trade with other EU countries but are not really interested in the British market so they’ll just put our prices up because they know there’s a demand.”

Lorna’s Flowers, in Dalgety Bay, said their profits hadn’t been affected but it appears that florists specialising in weddings are feeling the pinch.

Lyn Wilson, of Poppy Floral Design in Charlestown, said: ”Prices have definitely gone up and some flowers have doubled.

”The floral trade goes in swings and roundabouts but I think if we sit tight we’ll be alright and things will eventually even out.”Read more at:formal dresses

5 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Beauty mistakes, Trilogy, morning beauty routine, skincare tips, washing face 

(Photo:QueenieAu)By now, you’re probably aware of how important having an evening beauty routine is for your skin. It makes sense, as it’s the time to wash the day off your face and set yourself up for overnight skin recovery. But did you know that your morning regime is just as important than your evening one, if not more so?

Your skin produces more collagen during the night, which means oil production is also heightened. This means that you don’t necessarily wake up with the same clean face you went to bed with! So, not only will your A.M beauty regime make you look more fresh and awake, it’ll also help keep acne and congestion at bay.

We get it, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing when you’re in a rush for work in the morning is a complicated beauty routine. It’s so tempting to roll out of bed at the last minute, then just splash your face with water or use a makeup wipe. But this crucial time slot can make or break the quality of your skin as you age.

It’s not just a matter of having a morning beauty regime either. In order to really reap the benefits, you need to be using the right combination of products in the right order. Luckily, now is the perfect time to correct anything you’ve overlooked in the past and get yourself on the path to beautiful skin.

Read on for five of the most common beauty mistakes you could be making in your morning beauty routine.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online

Star and Style

Dulquer Salmaan always cuts a dashing figure in the latest fashion trends, whether it’s to film promotions, an award function, an inauguration, or a night out in town. While DQ, we imagine, has an innate sense of style (he’s Mammootty’s son after all), the young heartthrob, in his regular fashion updates to his legions of fans on Facebook and Twitter, always makes it a point to thank his stylist, ending his posts with ‘Styled by #Not Just Black by Kalyani Desai.’

“It’s been nearly a year-and-a-half now since Dulquer got me on board as his stylist. He and his dad have a great sense of style. So, when I signed up, I just had to understand his likes and dislikes and style him based on his personality. I didn’t want to style him in anything that would take away from that. I like that Dulquer is open to experimenting with new trends, yet he has a certain simplicity that makes his style unique and endearing,” says celebrity menswear stylist and designer Kalyani, in an email interview.

In just over a year since the Mumbai-based lass began her styling company, Not Just Black by Kalyani Desai, she’s become a go-to stylist for not just Dulquer but also many male celebrities (and business honchos) up and down the country – Prithviraj, Susanth Singh Rajput, Nagarjuna, and Mammootty too, in fact – all of who appear to have Kalyani on speed dial to help them rock their looks.

She styles them mainly for events. “I contact designers for looks that would suit the particular actor and event well and put together a couple of looks I think will work for them to choose from. Sometimes, I do work with designers to design a look specifically for an actor for a particular event as well. Prithviraj’s brief to me for events, for example, has always been to keep it simple and classy and that’s what I’ve always gone for,” she explains. A graduate of Raffles Design International, Mumbai (marketing and management in fashion, to be exact), the 24-year-old says that fashion has always been a part of her since she was a child.

“I would always find myself gazing at pictures in magazines, eventually graduating to reading them. I started styling soon after I graduated from college. However, since I have a degree in marketing management, I interned with many design houses under their marketing departments beforehand,” she says.Read more at:

Her interest in styling began rather off the cuff, when she had to style her brother, Madhukeshwar Desai, for an event. “He got a lot of appreciation for what he wore. It was then that I told myself that menswear styling might be a possibility. I actually had to take up a menswear topic for an assignment in college because by the time I got to picking, all the women centric-ones were taken! I was given an option to opt out of it considering no one at the time, my juniors or seniors, had worked on menswear. But I chose to stick to something I had not done before and I haven’t regretted it, considering this was what gave me my initial push into menswear fashion,” she says.

The fashionable youngster doesn’t give out too many of her wardrobe secrets when it comes to styling men, which, we’re guessing, couldn’t be as easy as styling women, simply given the sheer variety of garments and styles. Nonetheless, she does let out that one of the most important aspects of styling with menswear is the fit.

“Getting the fit right is a challenge sometimes. Sometimes you see a really nice garment that would work well for the actor and event, is measured to their size but when actually worn wouldn’t fit because every designer/brand’s cut varies,” she says.


As a stylist we help you understand your sense of fashion and what suits you best. Keeping in mind a celebrity’s personality and likes and dislikes are our foremost priority. I think styling is necessary not just for actors but for every one in general, because you get that extra confidence and assurance when you know what you’re wearing looks good on you and you look good.


Kalyani has clients who are industrialists, for some of whom she design clothes too. “Since I’ve got a good response for this, I will soon be launching my menswear only, e-commerce brand under the name Not Just Black.”Read more | best formal dresses

A Bit Of What You Fear Does You Good

Last week, a new horror series launched on Fox called Outcast. This week, I learnt that I am an absolute glutton for punishment.I know this because I allowed my friend Ashley James to cajole me into twenty minutes inside the show’s pop-up “Scare b&b” (AKA little segment of hell). The decision to go inside went something like this – Brain: don’t do it. Housemates: don’t do it. Agent: don’t do it. Me: Sweet man, I’m in. In hindsight, this was a bad idea. In fact, that’s a lie – I knew it was a bad idea before I went in. Before I even got in the car to get there, actually. But I had a new gothic body from Rare London that needed an outing, so…You see, horror and I have a sort of love / hate relationship. I love it at the time, and hate it almost immediately afterwards. And in a feat of spectacular stupidity, I repeat this scenario with frightening regularity. Almost weekly, I’ll sub-consciously seek out something I know will scare me senseless – and then do it. And then get all surprised afterwards about how scared I am / got / will continue to be until the end of time. I’m sure there’s some sort of Freud-esque explanation for all this..Trouble is, fear can sometimes be a good thing – arguably the backbone of my main achievments, no less. I mean, it was the abject terror of over-sleeping that got me out of bed circa 5am each morning during Sandhurst training, and fear of failure that saw me through lonely hours of studying at uni. And obviously Fear Of Missing Out all-but keeps my social life afloat.. This week, I’m facing my boarderling fear of hights with a trip to the Gorilla Circus Trapeze with QVC. If you don’t hear from me, I’m still at the top of the frame, clinging frantically to the pole.And I suspect it’ll be the fear of failure that eventually boots me out the door to train for the British 10K run next month. Clearly, I’ve known the event was coming for some time now. So it follows that I’ve done epically little training. Call it arrogance, optimism, or I guess plain-old stupidity.

I mean, this week, I all-but shunned training in favour of attending a stream of industry events – Graduate Fashion Week, London Collections Men (clearly completely irrelevant to me), my friend Mel Wells’ book launch… To be fair, I suspect that if I was asked to attend the launch of a new vegetable (unlikely, I know) right now, I would probably do it. It’s a finely-honed procrastination habit that I’m sure will return to bite me in the a** circa July 10th (the date of the 10k. Cleverly scheduled, now that I think about it).

When I was growing up, my mother would torment me with words like ‘balance’ and ‘moderation’. It just all seemed so boring at the time, but I guess the moral of the story is that she was (as per) quite right. It’s good to feel scared occasionally, especially when it motivates action. But only when you can feel utterly unafraid later.As I write this, I’ve just spent around three minutes stuck in a small lift. Small lifts are not my thing. I’ve avoided them like the plague since watching Towering Inferno. But, now that I’m out, I kind of want to do it again. Send help, I’ve lost the plot.Read more at:amazing formal dresses | red carpet dresses

Kendall Jenner talks statement pieces, style mistakes and getting rid of her clothes every two months

(Photo:blue bridesmaid dresses)

“I would say I’m all over the place”, Jenner told Miss Vogue. “Some days I’m into this and other days I’m into that, but for the most part I like a cool statement piece, like a really great jacket.”

And although her more recent style is nothing short of the minimalist ideal, Jenner admits that she has made her fair share of fashion mistakes.

“Don’t get me started! When I was younger, I had zero sense of style. I couldn’t do my make-up – I was just a mess, but I just didn’t care about anything except for horses.”

“At one point, it was really cool to have coloured jeans – red, green, blue, pink. I had a collection of them and would wear them every day.”

“I had to wear a collared shirt to school, so I would wear bright jeans and an odd collar. It was weird!”

While Jenner’s own style has seen a natural progression over the years, there is no doubt that the endless runways she’s walked and the campaigns she’s starred in for the likes of Versace, Calvin Klein and Chanel have influenced the 20-year-old’s look.

And the inevitable influx of designers gifting her clothes in the hope that she’ll be snapped wearing their latest collection can’t have hurt either.

Jenner even has too many clothes to fit in her house, so has to have a clear-out every couple of months.

“I go through my closet probably about once every two months and get rid of so much stuff.”

“I swear to you, it fills back up within a week. It is crazy!”

“I don’t have the biggest closet at my house in LA, so it gets really stuffed, really quickly.”

Who knows, if Jenner hadn’t made it so big in the industry perhaps she’d still be wearing those coloured jeans. We’d like to think so.See more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses/a>

Accountant follows her fashion dream

Lusaka “IT’S high time women realised their potential to define and shape their destiny. They should not allow anyone to trample on them and make them objects of shame. Women will be amazed to discover that the power to shape their destiny is in their hands.”

So says Chisoma Lombe, a former finance director at Action Aid International Zambia who has taken up fashion designing.

Ms Lombe believes that women are capable of excelling if they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in things they do.

“If someone thinks that working for a reputable organisation makes them happy and fulfils their desires to be happy, then let it be. But my emphasis is for people to follow their dreams and put in their best to achieve such dreams,” she says.

lombe catwalk

formal dresses in melbourne

Ms Lombe, who does not regret resigning from Action Aid to pursue her passion in fashion and designing, advises women and young girls to not be lured in careers which they are not passionate about.

“Besides, when a person wants to pursue a certain career, they should not think of money or how much profit they will earn when they embark on that journey; money should be the last thing on their minds. Let money pursue us and not us pursuing the money, otherwise we stumble and fall,” she says.

Ms Lombe worked in various positions in different companies before resigning and setting up her own creative and fashion designing company in Lusaka.

She says she did not have peace of mind while in employment as she had a convincing thought that she ccould do better as a fashion designer.

But before venturing into that, she just used to design furniture and slippers. In November 2013, she bought a sewing machine. She started with two workers and month later her business boomed and she employed two more workers.

Today, Ms Lombe is a fashion designer in Lusaka, but her dream is to establish herself as an international designer and travel worldwide to compete on the international market.

Ms Lombe hails from Mufulira on the Copperbelt and was born into a humble Catholic family from Lewis and Mwila Lombe (both deceased) as a fourth child in a family of seven and was determined to excel in her education. Her dream was to become an architect.

“I love doing things which are challenging and especially that architecture is believed to be a maledominated career, I thought I should do it. But things did not go as planned as I ended up becoming a chartered accountant,” she says.

She did her primary education from 1982 to 1989 at Mufulira Trust School and then moved to Ibenga Girls Convent School in Luanshya from 1991 to 1995.

After passing grade 12, Ms Lombe was among few selected students to pursue a degree in electrical

engineering at the Copperbelt University (CBU) in Kitwe in 2005.

“As I mentioned earlier, my passion was to be an architect, but things could not go as I wanted, so after two years, I left CBU and went to ZAMIM Chilanga campus to study Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 2007 for one year and six months,” she said.

While pursuing her career in ACCA, Ms Lombe worked at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation as acting country controller.

Some of her duties entailed the management of the country audits for five provincial SNV offices as well as heading the administration department.

She later moved to Grant Thornton Associates as a liquidation officer.

“As a result of good performance, I was seconded to continue working on the liquidations of ZIMCO Ltd and its subsidiaries when Grant Thornton took over from Paragon Consulting. I worked in the Corporate Recovery Department as part of the liquidation team to work on the winding up of Zambia’s biggest liquidation under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance,” she said.

Between 2011 and 2014, Ms Lombe worked as finance director at Action Aid International Zambia.

Despite her commitment to her work, Ms Lombe devotes some time to having fun. Her hobbies include

listening to music, public speaking, travelling and playing basketball.

She is a mother of two girls (Kasano, 13 and Chipampa Kasolo, 11), who are both at Banani International School in grade eight and six respectively.

“I am happily engaged to a wonderful man and soon to be married. I divorced my first husband sometime back and I have moved on in life. Women should not think that divorce is the end of the world because it is not over until God says so,” she smiled.

She is a devoted member of the Love and Mercy Pentecostal Church in Lusaka and as a prayerful woman, she believes that God answers prayer in His own way at the right time.

“I want to mention that I have been in two different worlds, that of being married and divorced. And I understand the pain women go through when they are disappointed by people they love. I counsel married couples and my advice for the married, single and divorced is to seek God in all situations and not to lean on our own understandings,” she said.

Ms Lombe says she is ready to partner with any organisation as a motivational speaker for young girls, especially those in school. She believes young girls need mentoring to help them to shun practices that may hinder them from fulfilling their dreams.

cheap formal dresses australia


One lucky EcoSalon reader will win $642 worth of swag from Lux & Eco! Here are the deets on how you can enter to win.

Lux & Eco, the premier store to shop for “the finest in conscious living,” has partnered with EcoSalon to give away the coveted eco luxury gift bag of Oscar season for Suzy Amis Cameron’s campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress. In addition to the gift bag, Lux & Eco is giving away two SLVRBK yoga mats and The Garwood wooden watch! Cha. Ching.

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Red Carpet Green Dress, an innovative dress design contest, was founded by Suzy Amis Cameron in 2009 (yes, she’s James Cameron’s incredible wifey), and was inspired by the global red carpet opportunity presented by James’ blockbuster hit “Avatar.” (You may have heard of it.) The positive fashion campaign challenges creatives and designers worldwide to create a Red Carpet-worthy dress—and now tuxedo—using environmentally and socially responsible fabrics.

Not only are the winning designers mentored by an established fashion brand within the industry to get his or her design worn on the red carpet by a surprise actress and actor, the proceeds raised from the campaign go into funding Muse School, a California school based on teaching children how to lead mindful, thought-provoking, eco-conscious lives (and makes me want to go back to school!).

Here’s what one EcoSalon reader will win:

Lux & Eco partnered with RCGD to create a chic gift bag for the campaign’s pre-oscar shindig this year, and now it could be yours!

The tote includes Previse Skin Care‘s Sunsheer, Under the Canopyorganic cotton robes, I AM Enlightened Nutrition, Purely Elizabethgluten free granola, Environmentally Friendly Products eco laundry detergent, organic Zhi Tea, Jax Coco coconut water, Makana Candles,Modern Minerals Make Up, Pascha Chocolate, an entire hair care kit from Marulagold, and Leafware plates made from fallen leaves.

And don’t forget the two yoga mats by SLVRBK, the premier cross-functional exercise mat, as well as The Garwood wooden watch (but I know you wouldn’t do such a thing).

Enter to win:

For your chance to win this exciting prize package from Lux & Eco, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter—and if you’re already a subscriber, you’re already entered!

So go ahead and sign up now! Good luck!

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10 Things You Can Do With Your Partner!

Valentine's Day Activities Recommendations

(’s Day is just a few days away and this is one of the most loved holidays especially for women. It’s a big day for couples, and there’s definitely a lot of pressure to plan the perfect date. This year it falls on a Saturday, so restaurants, etc. will book up quickly; don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute. This year, to keep you embracing candy hearts and Cupids, we have compiled 10 cute things you can do with your Valentine’s Day. I hope this list helps you treat your love to an evening beyondchocolate and flowers with one of the following ideas.

1- If you’re heading out to the movie theater to catch a flick, the hottest ticket is definitely going to be Fifty Shades of Grey. However, if you’d rather avoid the cold and the crowds and watch a movie at home, you’ve got a much wider array of films to choose from.

2- Since Valentine’s Day is a long weekend this year (thanks, President’s Day!) – book a getaway, just for the two of you.

3- If romantic comedies have taught us anything, it is that skating rinks breed romance. So go and spend the day ice-skating with your partner.

4- Spend the night relaxing over good food and cozy company instead of cramped with strangers. Have Valentine’s Day dinner in bed.

5- Making Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails with your boyfriend is a fun and festive way to celebrate the day. Make each other drinks after all, ending Valentine’s Day with a homemade Be Mine Mojito doesn’t get much better.

6- There are many romantic and wonderful plays that go on around Valentine’s Day. Check with your theater group to see if anything is showing.

7- When is the last time the two of you danced together? Turn on the radio or put on your favorite songs and get ready to wrap into each other’s arms as you dance to some some romantic music.

8- Going for a massage together is a Valentine’s Day treat. A relaxing massage is just the thing to get both of you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

9- Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise. Start the excitement by leaving a trail of rose petals leading to your favourite room, where you can leave Valentine’s Day gifts.

10- If you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day for a romantic proposal.